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Search engine optimization AKA SEO is the action of "improving" the number of traffic and its quality to a web page coming from a search engine through "organic" or "algorithmic" search engines results for targeted keywords. Most of the times, the higher a website is presented in the search engines results, the more visitors will go to that site. Different types of search can be targeted from SEO, like image searches,local searching and last but not least industry specific searching, according to industry vertical engines.

The abridgement "SEO" can aswell accredit to "search engine optimizers", a appellation adopted by an industry of consultants who backpack out enhancement projects on account of clients, and by advisers who accomplish SEO casework in-house. "Search engines optimizers" may action SEO as a stand-alone account or as a allotment of a broader business campaign. Because able SEO may crave changes to the HTML antecedent cipher of a site, SEO approach may be congenital into web page development and design. The appellation Search engine friendly, may be acclimated to call web website designs, menus, agreeable administration systems, URLs, and arcade carts that are simple to optimize.

Search engine optimization